Iron, steel and aluminum industry

Our history

Esfemetal was created on 1995 by people with extensive experience in foundry industry.

In Esfemetal we focus on quality and innovation, offering to our customer global solutions according to their needs providing professional and knowledgeable technical support.


Esfemetal is dedicated, in Spain and Portugal, to the marketing of raw materials, auxiliary products and engineering applications for the iron, steel and aluminum foundry.

We provide the needed technical assistance for the proper use of all the products.


Edf.  Arteaga – Avenida Txorierri, 9-4º Ofic. 410 – 48160 Derio (Bizkaia)
Of.:+34 94 404 30 00   |   Fax:+34 94 433 40 05

Marketing of raw materials and auxiliary products mainly aimed at manufacturing of iron, steel and aluminum castings.
Capacity to attend the necessities of other industrial sectors such as refractory, assembly and furnace manufacturers, thermal treatments, metal structures, etc.
Tailor-made integral solutions for iron, steel and aluminum foundry industry.
Moulding lines, pouring automatic systems, automatic equipments for nodulizing and inoculation, synchronism, manufacture and design of metal components for highly wear resistant molding lines, etc.

Why Esfemetal

  • Because now a days we have experience of over 20 years on the sector.
  • We provide global solutions for the iron and steel industry.
  • Required technical assistance for the proper use of all the products
  • Global and personalized solutions for all customers

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